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Meet your Maker and Kill Them.

That which was Dead refuses to Die. One of the Slaughtered Gods is resurfacing; bringing with them all the terrors of the night as the world warps under their dead weight. Through hidden doorways and between flesh-strewn trees you seek the name of the one who dares haunt this world and, in fantastic ritual, rip them from out of the Veil to face you in grim combat. Wounded, mentally shattered, and bedeviled by a Godcurse you return triumphant to a city whose people have become further twisted by this game of cosmic import. But how long until your mortal body fails you? In what hour shall your will be finally broken? How many divine curses can your soul bear before it shatters? The embers of chaos still burn and another Fallen God shall surely surface — and again you shall stand against them until either you, this world, or all the Fallen Gods are Ash and Ember.

To Ash and Ember is a singleplayer Dark Fantasy Event-based RPG. It plays like a board-game without needing to shuffle decks, set out a board, or read manuals. This is a game of time management and decisions, of who to save and who to sacrifice, and of a City whose windows and streets grow darker and stranger the longer your battles continue.


  • The Slaughtered Gods leave indelible marks. Investigators may become as warped as that which they fight: going mad, growing horns, and perhaps even dying and becoming a Wraith. The City’s locations may burn, be distorted, or become infested with otherworldly abominations.
    Battle horrors beyond imagination. In the shadows gleam knives and teeth that shall seek to crush you that their dead God be allowed to return.
  • The World forever twists underfoot. You will routinely encounter World Distortions that change how the game is played or impose restrictions as the Slaughtered God stirs in their astral grave.
  • Harden your heart, steel your mind, guard your soul. Investigators gain Experience from their trials and battles which they can use to level up, gaining Perks and Quirks: advantages that come with disadvantages. The more experienced, the more Complicated.
  • Enlighten the World or Burn it. If all is lost you may abandon a Worldline to its fate and migrate to another. Even if Investigators fall, you can Enkindle new ones to continue the fight against the constant horrors that face this world.
  • Fate’s cruel but fair dice. In true board-game fashion, you roll against Fate herself to determine the outcomes of the many tests that face you with six-sided dice; each Investigator has their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • This is Your Story. Game events are presented as mini-narratives with branching paths, opportunities, and perils. Your choices may open up new possibilities — or seal them.
  • Come as you are — armed to the teeth. Wield, discover, empower, and sell an array of spells, weapons, and beasts alone or with Companions and Allies as you stand against the Resurrection.

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