"Core" Game

In StalakMiner you dig in search for rare metals and minerals in a planet consisting of a variety of themed zones. These resources can be sold for credits to upgrade your vehicle allowing you to dig faster, deeper and longer. Be careful however for there are many obstacles in your way, some more dangerous than others. Watch your fuel or your vehicle will self destruct to protect corporate secrets!

Explore & Upgrade

Explore the deepest depths of the planet to find rare metals and minerals that will make you rich enough to buy anything your heart desires. Use the money gained from selling treasures found deep below to upgrade your vehicle at the workshop. StalakMiner features many caves well protected by Stalakmites that have killed previous explorers that left behind new technologies to unlock for your vehicle.

Strategic Gameplay

Each type of metal or mineral brings its own challenge in how it exists in the world of the underground. Decide wisely on how you approach digging your mine-shafts to reach the resource you want, or face the consequence of missing out on others placed nearby. You can buy and use items at the item store such as Dynamite to help blowing up rocks that block your path, Expanding foam to function as a stepstool to reach out of reach items and teleporters to quickly transport your cargo to the surface. The dangerous undergrounds contain many features such as Lava, hidden Gaspockets, Stalakmites and Rocks that block your path. As a player you get constantly challenged to find the best way around in the maze you will be digging yourself into.

Customizations & Rewards

Every successful retrieval of minerals and metals earns you XP once sold at the mineral processor, which can be used to unlock customizations and various skins to make the vehicle look exactly the way you want. These customizations and skins are purely cosmetics and do not affect your gameplay. It is however worth noting that it feels a lot more epic to blow up things looking like a badass than it does with the stock equipment and skins every beginner gets!

10 Zones to Explore

Science has taught us that planets consist of layers like an onion, and the same is true for the world of StalakMiner. Explore 10 different zones underground, each with a visually distinct look, fitting ambient sounds and more. Are you ready to explore? These zones are heavily inspired by the most interesting era’s found in the history of humankind. Think of World War II, the Industrial Revolution, the Roman Empire and more. Each zone also has collectables belonging to that zone that are hidden around the level that earn you a pretty penny.

Timed Challenges

Occasionally your scanner will detect temporally unstable treasures such as treasure chests and skeletal remains near you. When these are detected, you have a very limited amount of time to find and reach them while keeping an eye on your health, fuel and cargo. It’s a risk well worth taking considering the potential financial reward of finding such treasure.

Global & Friends Only Leaderboard

The game features both a global and friends only leaderboard to let you enjoy beating the highscores of both your friends or everyone around the world. Beat a level faster than anyone else on the timed leaderboard, or simply show you had much more fun gaining a massive amount of score while extracting the precious resources found underground.


This game has been developed by the following people:

– Paul Ambrosiussen
– Torben van den Hurk
– Jack Beeby
– Tristan Reimus


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"Core" GameIn StalakMiner ..
"Core" GameIn StalakMiner you dig in search for rare metals and minerals in a planet consisting of a variety of themed zones. These resources can be sold for credits to u..