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Commandos Pro Simulator游戏简介

Commandos Pro Simulator is a superfast action-packed shooter to play in single mode or multiplayer with your friends! You can play from first person view or switch to third view at anytime during this hardcore game. Select to play for special commandos forces or for bad terrorists criminals.
No time – start shooting left and right!

Main Features:
– Made on Unreal engine 4
– Different type of levels and game mode
– first person view or third person view
– Sniper Scope
– A.I. enemies
– Hit marker
– Kill feed
– Compass

Multiplayer Game Modes

– Conquest
– Capture the flag
– Rush
– Team Deathmatch
– Deathmatch
– Kill Confirmed

How to Play game with friends online or via LAN locally?

1 . Steam Instructions

– Download the game
– Open Steam and leave it open
– Open the game
– Create/Join a multiplayer game

2. LAN instructions

– Make sure that you are in LAN
– Make sure steam is not open
– Open the game
– Create join a game checking the LAN checkbox

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