About the game itself:

Allan is an immersive top-down view dungeon exploration and action game with a unique pixelart 3D style. You will face automatic defenses, unknown enemies,
and puzzle until you finally find the main computer. You will have to walk in the dark. Walls will block you sight, far away object are gonna be hidden by this darkness… It may be frightening but at least obscurity is the guarantee there’s nothing bad, right ?

About the story:

Your sect needs a weapon to purify the world from evil. The holy platoon have recently discovered a dark basement, relic of an ancien and technologicaly advanced past. The all mighty ElbHack thinks it is the laboratory of the legendary cybernetician Allan Commodore. As a high priest, endow with a sharp spirit, versed into the Artize – spell casting – you are sent to explore it and snatch from it the weapon that made that legend. You do not know what it is, but does it matters?

The laboratory goes deep underground, it breathes rust and epoxy. From time to time a dismal grinding escapes from it. You are not the only one chasing this treasure. You must use your wits to solve the puzzles of the dungeon and your patience as well as your prudence to face the defensive installations put in place by a man pushed to death by its own paranoia.

About the product:

Allan is a short game that offers a single quite complex level available in five different difficulties. Experienced players, on average, will take 1 hour and half to two hours to end it in normal mode. Novice may play during more than four/five hour before winning – or before quitting.


在很久以前的一次考古挖掘中,发现了一组古门。不久,人们便发现这些古道通往不同的王国和维界 — 为英勇无畏的冒险家呈献不可估量的宝藏。挖掘遗址附近,还发现了一座叫尼罗卡的商业小村..
在很久以前的一次考古挖掘中,发现了一组古门。不久,人们便发现这些古道通往不同的王国和维界 — 为英勇无畏的冒险家呈献不可估量的宝藏。挖掘遗址附近,还发现了一座叫尼罗卡的商业小村庄,让冒险家能够安顿和居住,进而出售他们得之不易的财富。《夜勤人》(Moonlighter) 是一款采用大量类 rogue 元素的动作角色扮演游戏,以威尔的日常生活为主线。威尔是个敢作..
《圣铠:冰魂(Vambrace: Cold Soul)》是一款设定于冰冻世界中的Roguelike冒险游戏。在地下避难所策划探索行动,然后征召英雄组成队伍,探索地表被冰封的诅咒..
《圣铠:冰魂(Vambrace: Cold Soul)》是一款设定于冰冻世界中的Roguelike冒险游戏。在地下避难所策划探索行动,然后征召英雄组成队伍,探索地表被冰封的诅咒之城。活用独特的技能,回避致命的陷阱,应对诡异的遭遇,击败致命的敌人!欢迎加入《圣铠:冰魂(Vambrace: Cold Soul)》官方QQ交流群(699950468),这里有厂商的..
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《玛吉雅》 – 真实的幻想故事对你而言,“幻想”是什么呢?是在新世界展开的有趣冒险?是与超越自己想象的怪物间的奇遇?还是,为了改变这个世界,和其他勇者一起踏上的旅程?不论是哪一个,你都能在《玛吉雅》里实现你的幻想!美丽的插图、迷人的景致、神秘的存在,还有那些令人难忘的,和其他英雄们一同展开的惊险冒险…如果世界陷入混乱的阴影,冒险者们就必须同心协力保护创造之源..
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About the game itself:Allan is an immersive top-down view dungeon exploration and action game with a unique pixelart 3D style. You will face automatic defenses, unknown enemies, an..
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