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“It is the Frostmarch, brought here across the northern waters by the Ice Queen. Armed with the Crown of Command, she is transforming the realm into a desolate, frozen wasteland. Can you overcome the raging storms and strange creatures that inhabit this bitter land? Will your blood freeze when you behold the Ice Queen’s cold, cruel gaze?”

The Frostmarch brings all new adventures to the land of Talisman. Introducing new Craft-focused enemies to challenge you, new characters to play and Warlock quests to complete, it’s time for your final showdown with the Ice Queen.


If one thing can get you through the Frostmarch and power towards the Crown of Command, it’s the luck of the Leprechaun. When playing as the Leprechaun:

  • You begin the game with 2 Spells.
  • You need not roll the die if you land on the Woods.
  • Whenever you land on the Woods you may gain 3 gold.
  • Whenever you roll a 6 you may teleport to any other space in the same region.


Skilled in the arts of magic, the Necromancer has the ability to gain Spirits as Followers. Although the Spirits must leave after a battle, the bonus Craft they offer will undoubtedly help in the fight against the Ice Queen. When playing as the Necromancer:

  • Begin the game with 2 Spells.
  • When attacking other characters, you may choose to make the attack Psychic Combat.
  • Spirits will not attack you, but you can attack them.
  • If you do not attack a Spirit you may enthral it if your Craft is higher than the Spirit’s. The Spirit will join you as a Follower and adds its Craft to yours in Psychic Combat.


The Warlock can earn a great deal from completing Warlock Quests. Whilst others find themselves searching for Weapons and Objects, he’s able to gain these through Quest Rewards alongside gaining invaluable Craft and Strength. When playing as the Warlock:

  • You begin the game with 2 Spells.
  • At the start of your turn, you may gain your full complements of Spells, according to your current Craft.
  • Whenever you complete a Warlock’s Quest, you may take one card of your choice from the purchase deck for free instead of gaining a Talisman as your reward.

Ogre Chieftain

The Ice Queen has brought strong Monsters with her from the North. Creatures which have never before been encountered in the land. If he defeats these Monsters, the Ogre Chieftain can gain them as Followers to help him fight the Frostmarch. When playing as the Ogre Chieftain:

  • Monsters will not attack you, although you can choose to attack them.
  • When you defeat a Monster in Battle you may dominate it and keep it as a Follower instead of a trophy. The monster adds its Strength to yours in Battle but must be added to the discard pile. You can use any number of dominated monsters during battle.

Crown and Sceptre

Similar to the classic Talisman endling, when a character arrives at the Crown of Command they must roll the Command Spell. However, other characters are unable to heal while there is a player on the Crown of Command. If all characters die, the character on the Crown wins.

Warlock Quests

Amid the battle with the Ice Queen, the Warlock requires you to complete more quests to prove you are truly worthy of the Crown of Command. Complete four of the Warlocks Quests before climbing the tower to the Crown of Command and stop the Ice Queen from ruling, winning the game.

Ice Queen

Prepare yourself for an epic battle against the Ice Queen herself. As you approach the Ice Queen you can choose to confront her in Battle or fight using Psychic Combat. Each time the Ice Queen is defeated you can remove one of the Ice Queen’s lives. If you’re defeated, you must roll the die to determine your fate.
The first player to remove all of the Queen’s lives wins, but if she’s left alone on the Crown of Command all of her lives will return.

  • 84 Adventure Cards
  • 20 Spell Cards
  • 24 Warlock Quest Cards
  • 3 Alternative Ending Cards

“Brace yourself against the onslaught of the Frostmarch!”


《Darkest Dungeon》是一个极具挑战性的哥特式类 Rogue 回合制 RPG,聚焦冒险的心理压力。招募、训练和领导一队有缺点的英雄,穿行扭曲的森林、被遗忘的巢穴、毁..
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伍德曼最初出现在第2版的护身符30多年前。现在,他已经进行了修改和更新,使他凯旋而归,挑战指挥权。自然有天赋的斧头和在树林的家里,是时候削减你的敌人的大小!购买此角色包,将伍德曼添加到您的角色收藏中。然后,它们可以在所有游戏模式中进行选择。请注意,这个角色包含在符: 数字版季节通行证中。实力: 4工艺: 2生活: 4命运: 2金: 1对齐: 中立起始空间: ..
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在他们邪恶的主人的竞标下,恶魔的爪子加入了战斗!这个来势汹汹的人物可以把敌人的烈酒当作武器,让其他角色在他画的时候遇到。你能掌握魔鬼的黑暗之道吗?购买这个角色包,将魔鬼的小神加入到你的角色收藏中。然后,他可以在所有游戏模式中进行选择。请注意,这个角色包含在符: 数字版季节通行证中。强度-3工艺-3命运-4生活-4对齐-邪恶起始空间-墓地当你攻击另一个角色时,..
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Unsheath your blade and battle across the land of Talisman! Years of training have made the Swordsman an expert of the blade, and now he looks to put those skills to use in the rac..
黑女巫以神秘的方式移动,并有一种自然的法术抵抗,这可能会导致任何法术施法者在针对她之前三思而后行。黑色女巫被权力的承诺吸引到命令皇冠上,准备任何阻碍她道路的人!购买这个角色包,将黑女巫添加到你的角色集。然后,她可以在所有游戏模式中进行选择。请注意,这个角色包含在符: 数字版季节通行证中。强度-3工艺-3命运-2生活-4对齐-邪恶起始太空-诅咒的格莱德你用一个..
以为你有足够的真棒海盗,忍者和僵尸?嗯得到这个bucko的负荷: 杀手植物,蒸汽冲刺,幽灵和熊骑兵在这里打入你的游戏!这个扩展功能4个全新的派别,你可以混合和匹配来击败你的对手..
以为你有足够的真棒海盗,忍者和僵尸?嗯得到这个bucko的负荷: 杀手植物,蒸汽冲刺,幽灵和熊骑兵在这里打入你的游戏!这个扩展功能4个全新的派别,你可以混合和匹配来击败你的对手。通过购买令人敬畏的9000级,您将添加以下4个派别到Smash Up:熊骑兵鬼杀手植物Steampunks你们会一起粉碎什么派系?喂他们,西摩!(别这么做西摩!) 因为这些家伙都是靠..
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