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Train Simulator游戏简介

Synonymous with the most recognisable period in British Rail’s history, the ‘Rail Blue’ livery carried across BR’s roster of diesel and electric locomotives and multiple units stretched across three decades, as represented in this collection of BR Blue diesel and electric locomotives for Train Simulator.

The BR Class 09 is a class of 0-6-0 diesel locomotives originally designed for shunting and short distance freight trips along branch lines. In total, 26 of the Class were built, similar in appearance and specification to the Class 08 but with different gearing to deliver a higher top speed.

The BR Class 33, also known as ‘Type 3’ or ‘Crompton’, was built specifically for the Southern Region between 1960 and 1962. A total of 98 locomotives were built with the ability to supply new electric train heating, rather than the ubiquitous steam heating which was prevalent in BR’s passenger rolling stock. Although generally based in the southern part of the England, the locomotives were found as far north as York and South Lanarkshire during their operating lives.

The electro-diesel BR Class 73 was one of the few locomotives built by British Rail with dual power control. With an increase in electrification in the Southern Region, the Class 73 was designed to operate on the 650/750V DC third rail system, as well as on non-electrified track with its diesel engine. Between 1984 and 2005, Class 73 locomotives were used as traction on Gatwick Express services, in partnership with Class 489 Gatwick Luggage Vans as ‘push-pull services.

With electrification of the Southern Region, BR introduced a number of Electric Multiple Units (EMUs), including the BR Class 416 ‘2EPB’. Built over a three year period from 1953, the 2EPB was intended for inner suburban passenger services around London, and were in service as late as the 1980s on North London line services between Richmond and North Woolwich.

The BR Class 421 (originally ‘4CIG’ before TOPS introduction) EMUs were built at BR York Works between 1964 and 1972. The units were originally allocated to Brighton Main Line services, with a second batch allocated to services around Portsmouth, although latterly spent time across the Southern Region. The 4CIG is probably most famous for its ‘slam door’ nickname, so called as newer units with sliding or plug doors were introduced.

The Rail Blue (or Monastral Blue) livery became standard across BR’s roster from 1965 onwards. The colour was, in fact, a dark, greyish blue designed to hide dirt well, although this was often portrayed inaccurately in photographs. The colour was applied to all diesel and electric locomotives, with the exception of the ends, which were painted yellow to improve visibility to lineside workers; the livery was also applied to coaching stock and multiple units with some variations.

The first break in Rail Blue uniformity came in 1976 with the introduction of a blue/grey livery or what was known as BR Corporate Blue at the time, on InterCity 125 (HST) sets – the blue colour being carried around to the front of HST sets. This blue also incorporated a marginally darker and richer blue pigment to further hide the oily residues left by the predominant diesel emissions of locomotives at the time. However, most traction maintenance depots around the country were forced to source their paints from local suppliers. This situation resulted in different shades of both the blue and the yellow being applied to locomotives – some locomotives were almost turquoise in colour while others were almost royal blue.

By the mid-1980s, both Rail and Corporate Blue liveries had been replaced on all BR locomotives and coaching stock in favour of the newer InterCity “Red Stripe” and InterCity Executive liveries.

Also included with the pack are OBA Wagons and General Utility Vehicles (GUVs) to form freight and parcel/newspaper services hauled by the locomotives included in the BR Blue Pack.

The locomotives included in the BR Blue Pack are also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive them on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the Chatham Main Line: London-Gillingham route (available separately and required to play these scenarios).


Three scenarios for the Chatham Main Line: London-Gillingham route:

  • Going Back in Time (Class 421 ‘4CIG’)
  • Night Shunter (Class 09)
  • Paper Run (Class 73)

More scenarios are available on Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!

Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.

Key Features

  • BR Class 09 in BR Blue livery
  • BR Class 33 in BR Blue livery
  • BR Class 73 in BR Blue livery
  • BR Class 416 ‘2EPB’ in BR Blue livery
  • BR Class 421 ‘4CIG’ in BR Blue livery
  • OBA wagons and General Utility Vehicles (GUVs)
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • Scenarios for the Chatham Main Line: London-Gillingham route
  • Download size: 476mb


作为英国铁路历史上最知名的时期的代名词,“铁路蓝” (Rail Blue’ livery) 承载着BR的柴油和电力机车名册,以及跨越三十年的多个单元,在这个为 “火车模拟器” 的BR Blue柴油和电力机车。

BR 09级是一种0-6-0型柴油机车,最初设计用于支线沿线的调车和短距离货运行程。总共建造了26个Class,在外观和规格上与08级相似,但具有不同的传动装置,以提供更高的最高速度。

BR Class 33,也被称为 “类型3” 或 “克罗姆顿”,是专门为南部地区建造的,在1960年至1962年期间。总共建造了98台机车,具备了供应新的电力列车供暖的能力,而不是在BR公司的客运机车车辆中普遍存在的无处不在的蒸汽供暖。虽然一般以英格兰南部为基地,但机车在运营期间被发现远北至约克和南拉纳克郡。

电柴BR级73是英国铁路建造的少数拥有双动力控制的机车之一。随着南部地区电气化程度的增加,73级设计用于在650/750伏直流第三轨系统上运行,以及在带有柴油发动机的非电气化轨道上运行。在1984年至2005年期间,73级机车被用作Gatwick Express服务的牵引,与489级Gatwick行李车合作作为 “推拉服务”。

随着南部地区的电气化,BR引入了多个电力动车组,包括BR级416 ‘2EPB’。2EPB在1953年的三年内建造,用于伦敦周边的郊区客运服务,直到20世纪80年代才在里士满和北伍利奇之间的伦敦北部线路服务中投入使用。

BR Class 421 (在TOPS引入之前最初是 ‘4CIG’) 动车组是在1964年至1972年间在BR York Works建造的。这些单元最初被分配给布莱顿主线服务,第二批分配给朴茨茅斯周围的服务,尽管后来在南部地区度过了一段时间。4CIG最出名的可能是它的 “砰的门” 的昵称,所以所谓的新的带有滑动门或塞拉门的单元。

从1965年起,轨蓝 (或Monastral Blue) 制服在BR的花名册上成为标准。事实上,这种颜色是一种深色的,灰蓝色,旨在很好地隐藏污垢,尽管这在照片中经常被描绘得不准确。颜色被应用于所有的柴油和电力机车,除了末端,其被涂成黄色,以提高对线边工人的可见度; 制服也被应用于教练股票和具有一些变化的多个单元。

Rail Blue均匀性的第一次突破是在1976年,在InterCity 125 (HST) 套装上推出了蓝色/灰色的制服或当时被称为BR企业蓝色-蓝色被带到HST套装的前面。这种蓝色还加入了一种稍微更暗和更丰富的蓝色颜料,以进一步隐藏当时机车主要排放柴油所留下的油性残留物。然而,全国各地的大多数牵引维修站被迫从当地供应商那里采购油漆。这种情况导致蓝色和黄色被应用在机车上的深浅不同-一些机车几乎是绿松石的颜色,而另一些几乎是皇家蓝色。

到20世纪80年代中期,所有的BR机车和教练股票都被取代了铁路和公司的蓝色车,转而使用新的城际 “红条纹” 和城际高管。

该包还包括OBA货车和通用多功能车辆 (GUV),以形成由包含在BR Blue pack中的机车牵引的货运和包裹/报纸服务。

BR Blue Pack中包含的机车也是快速驾驶兼容的,让您可以在任何快速驾驶的列车启用路线上自由驾驶它们,例如通过Steam提供的路线。还包括专门针对查塔姆主线: 伦敦-吉林厄姆路线 (单独可用,播放这些场景所需)。


查塔姆主线的三个场景: 伦敦-吉林汉姆路线:

  • 时光倒流 (421班 ‘4CIG’)
  • 夜闪者 (09级)
  • 纸跑 (73班)

Steam Workshop在线和游戏中提供了更多场景。火车模拟器的蒸汽车间场景是免费的,易于下载,增加了更多的令人兴奋的游戏时间。随着场景每天都在增加,你为什么不现在就去看看!

单击此处查看Steam Workshop场景。


  • BR蓝色制服09级
  • BR蓝色制服33级
  • BR蓝色制服73级
  • BR Blue livery 416 ‘2EPB’
  • BR蓝色制服中的421 ‘4CIG’
  • OBA货车和通用多功能车 (GUV)
  • 兼容快速驾驶
  • 查塔姆主线的场景: 伦敦-吉林汉姆路线
  • 下载尺寸: 476mb

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我都不知道我什么时候买的这个DLC……估计是买其他的线路的时候附赠的机车包吧。 所以说这个DLC完全不用买,等着你去买你心仪的线路的时候会有的。