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20 minutes into the future, a spark erupts in the Korean peninsula that will lead to a theaterwide conflagration embroiling the entire Western Pacific and drag all major powers into it. With nothing less at stake than control over the world’s busiest trade routes and containment of the emergent superpower, the Pacific becomes the world’s stage – and the players are getting down to brass tacks, for this is the game that no side can afford to lose.

The geopolitical nightmares of the new century: The creators of the award-winning "Northern Inferno" shift their gaze from the Atlantic to the Pacific and bring into focus the challenges of the early 21st century: The ever-present tensions between North and South Korea reach a boiling point, while China and the US vie for control of the strategic choke points and bases through which the world’s commerce functions. Will the US maintain its strategic pre-eminence in the most important world theatre or will China complete its ascend to superpower status?

The new gears of war: Think the new war in the Pacific will be just like the 1940s but with better bullets? Think again! All-new systems and technologies radically change the face of modern high-level conflict. Network and cyber attacks pull apart carefully constructed communications networks, leaving forces in the field blind and separated from their consorts. Electromagnetic pulses delivered from high-altitude nuclear detonations or tactical EMP weapons fry vulnerable electronics, disarming powerful units in a split-second. Massive anti-ship ballistic missiles threaten to turn aircraft carriers into the sinking, burning hulks. Railguns deliver accurate, punishing fire at long ranges, challenging the post-WW2 reign of guided missiles. Anti-satellite weapons disrupt the critical communications & intelligence nodes orbiting high in the stars. High-energy lasers burn their targets with intense beams invisible to the naked eye. Are you ready for the intricacies of 21st-century war?

Chains of War is a DLC release for Command: Modern Operations, the premier game of air & naval combat and the Pentagon’s hottest new simulation tool. Twelve campaign scenarios walk you through an erupting crisis in the western Pacific that threatens to bring chaos to world order, while an additional four bonus standalone scenarios take you back to hotspots in the past that did not lead to conflict – but could easily have.

The Chains of War are rattling loose. The world is right to fear their tremble; for a new superpower, war may prove to be mankind’s last spectacle.


  • 12 thrilling campaign scenarios and 4 bonus standalone scenarios written by Mike Mykytyn, founding member of the original CMANO development team.
  • Communications disruption by network/cyber attack or any other arbitrary factor: Isolated units realistically limit their tactical awareness to only what they themselves can detect and engage, and are completely of their parent side’s control. Say goodbye to Borg-view of the battlefield!
  • Cargo, landing and airdrop operations. Load mobile forces on ships, aircraft and even submarines, and unload them on any suitable point on the battlefield. Platforms are realistically limited by volume, weight and crew on what they can transport.
  • A comprehensive damage model for aircraft. Aircraft may be shot down outright or receive damage that will still allow them to limp back home. Different aircraft can absorb different punishment on their fuselage, cockpit and engines. Depending on the amount of damage received a plane may be "mission killed" if its repairs take so long that it misses the fight.
  • Advanced weapons for the new age of war. Tactical EMP weapons, railguns, high-energy lasers and more




新世纪的地缘噩梦: 获奖的 “北地狱” 的主创人员将目光从大西洋转向太平洋,将21世纪初的挑战聚焦于: 朝韩之间一直存在的紧张局势达到沸点,而中国和美国争夺对世界商业运作的战略瓶颈和基地的控制权。美国将保持其在最重要的世界战场上的战略优势,还是中国将完成其向超级大国地位的提升?

战争的新齿轮: 认为太平洋的新战争将与20世纪40年代一样,但子弹更好吗?再想想!所有新的系统和技术从根本上改变了现代高层冲突的面貌。网络和网络攻击拉开了精心构建的通信网络,使该领域的力量变得盲目,并与他们的同胞分离。从高空核爆或战术EMP武器传递的电磁脉冲,炸毁了脆弱的电子设备,在一瞬间解除了强大的部队。大规模反舰弹道导弹威胁将航空母舰变成沉没,燃烧的沉船。轨道炮提供准确的,惩罚射击在远距离,挑战制导导弹的post-WW2统治。反卫星武器破坏了恒星高空运行的关键通信和情报节点。高能激光用肉眼看不见的强烈光束燃烧他们的目标。你准备好迎接21世纪战争的错综复杂吗?

战争链是一个DLC发布命令: 现代行动,空中和海军战斗的首要游戏和五角大楼最热门的新模拟工具。12个竞选场景引导你经历了西太平洋爆发的危机,这场危机可能会给世界秩序带来混乱,而额外的四个额外的独立场景将你带回过去的热点地区,这些热点地区不会导致冲突-但很容易发生。

战争的铁链正在摇摇欲坠。世界害怕他们的颤抖是正确的; 对于一个新的超级大国来说,战争可能会被证明是人类最后的奇观。


  • 最初CMANO开发团队的创始成员Mike Mykytyn撰写的12个惊险的战役场景和4个奖金的独立场景。
  • 网络/网络攻击或任何其他任意因素导致的通信中断: 孤立的单位现实地将他们的战术意识限制在他们自己可以检测和参与的,并且完全由他们的父母控制。告别博格 — 战场观!
  • 货物、降落和空投行动。在舰艇、飞机甚至潜艇上装载机动力量,在战场上任何合适的点上卸载。平台实际上受到体积、重量和机组人员的限制。
  • 飞机综合损伤模型。飞机可能会被直接击落,或者受到损害,这仍然会让他们跛行回家。不同的飞机可以在其机身、驾驶舱和发动机上吸收不同的惩罚。根据所受到的损坏的数量,如果飞机的维修需要很长时间,以至于错过了战斗,飞机可能会被 “任务死亡”。
  • 战争新时代的先进武器。战术电磁脉冲武器、轨道炮、高能激光等


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屠戮恶魔之间,保持有型有款,风度翩翩。'Halloween Party Skin Pack' 包含适用于 Vanessa 和 Monty 的一款皮肤。
您听说过这种诀窍吗? 是时候装饰您的砖块了。 这将添加以下砖块: 全息砖块
您听说过这种诀窍吗? 是时候装饰您的砖块了。 这将添加以下砖块: 全息砖块
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Field of Glory IIis a turn-based tac..
Field of Glory IIis a turn-based tactical game set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BChttps://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLQrYLOdjwRhRGu4XIKMZYGIMmtzdmrqlL&v=veTBw3GCZ..
Armored Brigade is a real-time tacti..
Armored Brigade is a real-time tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability. The game has drawn inspiration from classics such as Close Combat, Steel Panthers and Flashpoi..
基于同名屡获殊荣的游戏引擎,Advanced Tactics: Gold为任何战略爱好者提供了独特的和无限可重玩的游戏体验。建立先进战术: 第二次世界大战的巨大成功,黄金版为玩..
基于同名屡获殊荣的游戏引擎,Advanced Tactics: Gold为任何战略爱好者提供了独特的和无限可重玩的游戏体验。建立先进战术: 第二次世界大战的巨大成功,黄金版为玩家提供了更强大的游戏编辑器,大大改进的随机游戏引擎,许多新功能和能力,等等。高级战术: 黄金还带有更新的手册和不断变化和扩展的wiki,一个新的场景银行,整个游戏中的新图形,更多的部队..
Starship TroopersTerran Command is a..
Starship TroopersTerran Command is a thrilling real-time strategy game set in the Starship Troopers movies universe. Take command of the Mobile Infantry and do your part in the war..
从莫斯科到柏林的史诗般的规模的战争-这是东方的战争!加里 · 格里格斯比 (Gary Grigsby) 在东方的战争: 1941-1945年的德苏战争是伟大的东方..
从莫斯科到柏林的史诗般的规模的战争-这是东方的战争!加里 · 格里格斯比 (Gary Grigsby) 在东方的战争: 1941-1945年的德苏战争是伟大的东方战线板和过去的计算机战争游戏的精神继承人; 回合制的二战战略游戏,下到师和旅级别,以每六角10英里的长度延伸到整个东线。游戏玩家可以进行大规模的,戏剧性的运动,包括激烈的战斗,涉及成千..
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Combat Mission Black Sea Battle Pack..
Combat Mission Black Sea Battle Pack is an expansion of a fictional 2017 conflict in Ukraine. The Battle Pack includes two new campaigns, one for the USA, and one for Russia, as we..
战锤40,000: 世界末日原声带: Steam将游戏原声下载到您游戏的Steampps目录中的单独文件夹。 你可以在你的Steam库中右键单击游戏,选择属性> 本地文件..
战锤40,000: 世界末日原声带: Steam将游戏原声下载到您游戏的Steampps目录中的单独文件夹。 你可以在你的Steam库中右键单击游戏,选择属性> 本地文件,然后单击浏览本地文件以访问该游戏的目录。 配乐本身由12首曲目组成: 01.大决战 (Battle for Armageddon) 02.塔卡的剧情片 03.钢铁军团进行曲 04.但..
2030年12月24日,全球大停电发生。在一瞬间,世界失去了电力供应,突然有很多我们认为理所当然的东西消失了; 互联网,全球通信,电子设备…… 都消..
2030年12月24日,全球大停电发生。在一瞬间,世界失去了电力供应,突然有很多我们认为理所当然的东西消失了; 互联网,全球通信,电子设备…… 都消失了。随着政府的倒台和社会的崩溃,战争的出现。枪支、药品和食品成为新的货币,而生存和保护则成为唯一的必需品。冲突持续了多年,因为普通人与饥荒、疾病、分子和其他人类作斗争。一个新世界从旧..